A new benchmark in Safety Locker Services.

About Svasya

Deep-rooted in the personality of Svasya is a passion to provide our customers with a strong sense of undeniable security.

Dependability, Responsibility and Accountability are the keystones around which Svasya is built.

With a strong foundation comes a steadfast belief that trust is the cornerstone of any business. This trust has enabled us to thrive and give life to Svasya, a brand which comes from a heritage that spans decades of experience, and now aims at elevating this experience further.

Unit of Sakthi Financial Services

Svasya is a premium brand offered by renowned Sakthi Financial Services (SFSL), the largest private locker service provider in India. SFSL has, over the last 3 decades, created a significant place for itself in Safe Deposit locker services.

The company has thoughtfully curated the brand ‘Svasya’ to cater to High-Net-Worth Individuals, and to create a culture of delivering superior experience to its esteemed clients.

Svasya will be SFSL’s exclusive brand and will be a testament to what the company strives to do for its patrons in the premium segment. The elevated locker experience is a result of an unstinted thought process from the Company’s think tank to serve the specific needs of HNIs in a way that has not been experienced before.

You & Svasya

Premium Safe Deposit Lockers

Our sentiment towards you, is quite like yours towards your heirloom.

It starts with Care. And everything else is consciously designed around it. This sentiment of care finds expression at every touch point. Be it state-of-the-art locker experience, service experience or spatial experience.

Our single-minded goal is to build valuable relationships. So that you leave with a sense of immense satisfaction, and feel like coming back to visit us because you would like to relive the elevated experience.

Premium Safety Locker Services

Just like Sakthi, we hope this relationship is passed on through generations too.

Svasya comes from one of the oldest business houses of Coimbatore - Sakthi. And Sakthi was built on Care and Trust. These are not just words for us, they are strong sentiments. Sentiments that we value, and which our customers reciprocated with in the form of long-lasting relationships, the very reason they are still with us after so many decades - from one generation to the next.

With Svasya, too, we aim to give our very best to continue with this legacy of Care and Trust.

Svasya Safety Lockers

Sometimes a piece of paper, is worth its weight in gold.

Valuables mean different things to different people. To some it could be family heirlooms in the form of jewellery, or simply a jewellery box. To others it could be documents or deeds that have tremendous intrinsic value.

We understand this, and therefore we implement the same level of attention and care to everything that is secured with us.

For us, the most valuable thing is the relationship.

Our Premium Locker Offering

What makes Svasya so unique

Flexible Rental Schemes - Premium Lockers
Flexible Rental Schemes

Designed to suit customers with different perspectives

Extended Working Hours - Premium Locker Services
Extended working hours

Branch open from 10am - 7pm (Mon - Sat)

Facial Recognition access - Premium Safety Lockers
Facial Recognition access

Ensures the highest level of security

Secunex Next Gen - Premium Safe Deposit Lockers
Secunex Next Gen Safe Deposit Lockers

The most advanced lockers from the House of Godrej

Extra Large Lockers
Extra Large Lockers

Designed to suit specific needs of premium customers

Equipped with 24x7 surveillance - Premium Safety Locker
State-of-the-art Security

Equipped with 24X7 surveillance

Unlimited Operations - Safety Locker Services
Unlimited Operations

Ensures user convenience

Choice of schemes

Svasya offers a wide range of Rental Schemes, so that customers can choose the option that suits them best. Each scheme has a different annual rent and interest-free refundable security deposit combination, tailored for the needs of the discerning customer.

Locker size Locker Type Height Width Depth
Medium F 11 14 19
Large L 15 21 19
Extra Large L2 25 21 24

Locker dimensions (In inches)

Scheme 1

Scheme 1 Locker Size Rent Per Annum Security Deposit
Medium 6,000 85,000
Large 10,000 1,60,000
Extra Large 20,0003,00,000

Scheme 2

Scheme 2 Locker Size Rent Per Annum Security Deposit
Medium 9,000 90,000
Large 15,000 1,50,000
Extra Large 28,000 2,80,000

Scheme 3

Scheme 3 Locker Size Rent Per Annum Security Deposit
Medium 11,000 55,000
Large 20,000 1,00,000
Extra Large 36,000 1,80,000

Scheme 4

Scheme 4 Locker Size Rent Per Annum Security Deposit
Medium 13,000 42,000
Large 24,000 56,000
Extra Large 45,000 70,000

Scheme 5

Scheme 5 Locker Size Rent Per Annum Security Deposit
Medium17,000 35,000
Large 29,000 35,000
Extra Large 55,000 35,000

(Amounts in INR)
GST extra as applicable

Quick and effortless application process

File Application - Safety Locker Services
Fill Application

Affix Photos - Svasya Premium Lockers
Affix photos

Self Attested KYC Proofs - Svasya Premium Locker Services
Self Attested KYC proofs

Self Attested PAN Card copy - Premium Lockers
Self Attested PAN Card Copy

Submit Application - Safety Locker Services
Submit your application

Get a Locker of your Choice - Extra Large Lockers
Get a locker of your choice

Other services

Apart from an elevated locker experience, Svasya also offers you a basket of financial products that meet many of your investment needs.
Our relationship managers, through these products, offer various avenues to ensure that your financial planning is carried out effectively and efficiently. Our premium customers can enhance their investment portfolio with