Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the advantages of availing your service?

- Longer working hours – 09.00 am to 7.00 pm (Monday – Saturday. Except National holidays)

- Wide range of lockers in terms of sizes

- Our vaults conform to RBI Specifications just like banks

- 24 Hours security and Burglar alarms

- Air-conditioned vaults

- Range of rental schemes to suit your convenience.

2. What are the security arrangements provided for your lockers? Are your lockers fully secured?

As the first line of defense, our locker rooms are provided with reinforced concrete walls and doors in accordance with RBI regulations. Further, the locker rooms are equipped with a burglar alarm system, CCTV, Biometric locker operation, smoke sensor & intrusion detectors. The premises are guarded 24 hrs by professionally trained security personnel.

3How do you differ from the Banks?

(i)Extended working hours: Our offices are open from 09.00 am to 7.00 pm.
(ii) Seamless operations: Our executives facilitate a smooth process to ensure that you have no trouble while operating the lockers.
(iii)Increased vigil: One can avail our locker in 5 minutes by just filling in the application, comply KYC norms and paying the rent. A thorough check is made by our staff after every operation. This ensures that you do not accidentally leave the locker open or leave your valuables outside by mistake.
(iv)Unlimited Access: We offer unlimited number of locker operations in a year.  
(v)Privacy: Secured bay that provides complete privacy during locker operations.
(vi)Locker accessories for your comfort & convenience.

4. Is there any insurance for the lockers and for the things kept inside the lockers?

Lockers are meant to provide anonymity and privacy. The primary purpose of lockers is safety. Part of the safety comes from the fact that nobody knows the content of the lockers. We do not take insurance cover for the contents of the locker since customers do not disclose the contents. It is not possible to insure the contents without knowing the value of the contents. However, we can insure the contents of the locker on cost to customer basis provided the customer declares the contents and its value.

5Why are you not giving any interest on the rental advance? Are we not losing our interest?

The returns for the organization have been worked out on the basis of the rentals charged plus the notional earnings on the advance rentals. If we were to pay interest on the advance then we would have to charge a higher rental to protect the organization’s returns.

6If the IT dept asks for locker particulars/details, will you provide our details to them?

If in the course of the assessment of an individual the IT department asks for details of the locker held by the concerned person, we are duty-bound to provide the information.

7What are the sizes of lockers you are having?

We are having lockers in 3 different sizes, to meet customer’s requirements. Our locker sizes and rentals are designed to meet the requirements of all types of customers. From medium size lockers for storing jewellery and documents, to big lockers designed to store large valuables, precious artefacts, we have the entire range.

8How much rent and advance are required for availing lockers?

The details are in the ‘Choice of schemes’ section. Svasya offers a wide range of rental schemes, so that customers can choose the option that suits them the best. Each scheme has a different annual rent and interest-free refundable security deposit combination, tailored for the needs of the discerning customer. Rental advance is collected as a cautionary amount to cover the break open charge in case of a long-standing arrear.

9What are the procedures required for availing the lockers?

KYC norms are applicable for all the operators, wherein address proof, ID proof, and signature proof is to be submitted. Recent Colour passport size photograph of all the operators is to be submitted along with the self-attested KYC documents. The locker can be operated on a single, Joint, Either on survivor mode.

10How many times customers are allowed to operate lockers daily?

There is no limit to the number of times the locker can be operated in a day during working hours, by the authorized hirer.

11How many no. of persons will be allowed to operate the locker?

There can be a maximum of three operators for a locker. The number of persons would depend on the mode of operation. However, only the operators would be allowed to access the locker vault.